John O'Toole, Paulius Leonavičius, Julija Kaladžinskaitė, Gediminas Juknius
John O'Toole, Paulius Leonavičius, Julija Kaladžinskaitė, Gediminas Juknius

We are delighted with the recent practical conference for solar energy professionals in Lithuania.

Gathering over 100 experts in the field, it became an excellent platform for sharing the latest market news and discussions over a glass of wine. The event featured nine speakers from three countries, each offering their insights and sharing practical advice for participants in the solar energy market.

We send a special thanks to our partners and event sponsors TrinitiJurex.
They are one of the few law firms in Lithuania that delve into renewable energy law and disputes.

Significant Topics for Market Participants

The conference explored various relevant topics that are currently shaping the solar energy market. One of the most important discussions focused on market dynamics and the constantly changing regulations in Lithuania, examining their impact on various market participants.

Another significant topic was the challenges faced by solar park developers. This discussion was dedicated not only to identifying these challenges but also to providing practical advice, offering much-needed guidelines for professionals working with large-scale projects.

Focus on Safety, Quality, and Innovation

Significant attention was also paid to safety and quality assurance, as well as risk management in solar power installations. The discussions highlighted why and how it is essential to maintain high standards and implement effective risk management strategies in this constantly evolving sector.

To emphasize technological progress, the conference also included a discussion on the latest trends in photovoltaic cells and module technologies. These insights were crucial for understanding the current market dynamics and preparing for future changes.

Looking to the Future

In today’s dramatically changing context of solar module prices, supply chain management, warranty case management, and supplier selection criteria became particularly important topics. The conference provided a comprehensive overview of logistical and operational aspects, discussing what prices to expect in the future.

Looking ahead, the conference also covered the regulation of the market for balancing battery energy storage solutions and reviewed commercial battery energy storage systems. These discussions opened possibilities to consider new and innovative methods of energy storage and management.

Participant Success

According to a participant survey, the feedback about the event was extraordinarily positive. Attendees expressed high satisfaction with the quality and value of the event’s content for their businesses, as well as with the event itself. We are pleased to note that the connections made during the networking session led some conference participants to real contracts with new clients and partners.

Learning Should Be Fun

During the conference, participants not only analyzed market news but also had the opportunity to participate in a quiz, testing their knowledge level with a pinch of humor, and to try out a bike powered by human force with an integrated battery solution.

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Julija Kaladžinskaitė

10 years of experience in solar industry, including PV module sales throughout Europe, project management, and development of building integrated PV solutions.

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