The global solar market is experiencing unprecedented growth, with photovoltaic installations expected to skyrocket from almost 200 GW to approximately 730 GW by 2030. The integration of solar panels into buildings and urban structures, known as building-integrated PV (BIPV), is transforming how we approach energy production. Solar carports exemplify this innovation by combining technology with practicality. They enhance urban aesthetics while providing functional benefits. BIPV systems, including solar carports, are designed to seamlessly blend into building designs, offering both efficiency and beauty. The ability to create solar panels in various colors through nanotechnology-based films exemplifies how far this technology has come, allowing architects and developers to maintain design integrity while incorporating renewable energy solutions.

Solar Carports: A Modern Necessity

Solar carports offer numerous advantages that make them a compelling choice for urban and suburban settings. These benefits include:


      • Weather Protection: They provide essential shelter for vehicles, protecting them from rain, snow, and sun.

      • Optimal Space Utilization: By using existing parking lots and open spaces, they maximize land use without requiring additional space.

      • Versatile Orientation: Solar carports can be designed to capture maximum sunlight, enhancing energy production.

      • Increased Property Value: The integration of solar carports can significantly elevate property values.

      • Environmental Benefits: They contribute to environmental conservation by generating clean energy and reducing carbon footprints.

    As the demand for innovative solar solutions continues to grow, the development of solar carports will play a pivotal role in the clean energy landscape. These structures offer a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for integrating renewable energy into urban environments. By providing shelter, optimizing space, and enhancing property value, solar carports represent a smart solution for modern urban planning. The future of solar carports looks promising, with the potential to make significant contributions to global renewable energy goals.

    European Leadership in Solar Carport Adoption

    European countries, particularly Germany and France, are the leading countries in adopting solar carports. Germany has introduced regulations requiring new parking lots with more than 35 spaces to include PV installations. France mandates that car parks with at least 80 spaces be covered with solar panels, aiming to generate up to 11 GW of power. These regulations reflect a strong commitment to renewable energy and highlight the significant potential of solar carports in urban planning. With electric cars in the Czech Republic projected to reach 496,000 (6.9% share) by 2030, developing a robust charging infrastructure becomes essential (Bloomberg New Energy Finance).

    Julius Sakalauskas, CEO of Lithuanian manufacturer SoliTek, emphasizes the critical role of safety and durability in solar modules for carports. These modules, made from robust 2×3 mm safety glass, can withstand substantial loads and boast the highest fire safety rating of A. Approved by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) for overhead glazing, they exemplify SoliTek’s commitment to strict safety standards. This approval underscores their suitability for integration into carports, ensuring both efficiency and protection.

    Explore Your Options with Solar Explain

    Solar carports are transforming the energy landscape by integrating renewable energy solutions into urban infrastructure. Embracing BIPV technology and understanding its potential can revolutionize how we approach energy production and urban planning, paving the way for a sustainable future. Explore SoliTek’s collection of solutions and find the one that best suits your client’s needs. Equip yourself with the latest BIPV knowledge to stay ahead in this rapidly changing market. Learn on-demand via our platform or join a live session with expert Dieter Moor (Arconsol).

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