Advanced Insights on Technological Trends in PV 2024

Course description

This course is designed to equip PV professionals with in-depth knowledge about the latest technological PV industry trends. 

This course is aimed to empower professionals to make better informed decisions in sales, business development, and gain competitive advantage in the PV industry.

Unique professionals-to-professionals learning approach for practical applicability in your business. 

This course is designed for:

PV decision makers willing to grow in Europe

Mid-senior level management, sales representatives, project managers, business development managers, any other stakeholders who require broader understanding of PV market technical and business trends in Europe.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand the landscape of PV and BESS technologies trending in the market.
  • Gain insights into which technologies or business models are worth investing in for the upcoming years.
  • Be able to better evaluate and select appropriate equipment for the planned PV projects.
  • Understand the hidden risks of the products and learn from practical examples.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding about PV equipment reasoning behind competing projects.
  • Know the upcoming EU regulations on business sustainability. 
  • Get access to closed Solar Explain Circle LinkedIn group for further networking. 

Course level:


Course price:

359 EUR


2 full days, 10:00 - 17:00 EET
(incl. smart breaks for busy people)

Total participants:

15-30 PV industry

Course Schedule:

Module 1: PV System Components and Technological Trends (Thursdays)

10:00 – Introduction

10:15 – PV Inverters & Safety of Installations (Gediminas Juknius, SolarEdge)

  • Remembering the fundamentals
  • Types of PV inverters
  • Hybrid vs off-grid inverters
  • Categories by size: Residential, C&I, Utility
  • Safety of photovoltaic installations
  • Role of insurer?
  • „Grey zone“ of PV safety
  • The most common installation errors
  • Market trends for 2024
  • Key takeaways

11:45 – Break

12:00 – PV Cell & Module Tech Trends (Radovan Kopecek, ISC-Konstanz e.V.)

  • PV market & technology evolution
  • Bifacial n-type technology explained
  • TOPCon, HJT, XBC comparison
  • Bifacial nPV era. PV type and application types
  • Key takeaways

13:00 – Break

14:00 – PV Mounting In The Context Of a Changing Climate (Ciaran Murphy, K2 Systems GmbH)

  • Rooftop PV mounting and recent developments
  • Internal & external factors driving development
  • Standards
  • PV module manufacturers
  • Mounting manufacturers
  • Insurance
  • Key takeaways

15:00 – Break

15:15 – BESS Technologies & Sementation (John O’Toole, BESS Consultant)

  • Why are we here today?
  • BESS Applications and Business Models
  • Co-location : Solar or Wind?
  • Co-location : Project Selection Questions
  • BESS in the UK (experience sharing)
  • BESS operations
  • BESS optimization
  • Safety and insurance
  • Key takeaways

16:46 – Wrap up

Module 2: PV application trends and business segments in EU (Fridays)

10:00 – Introduction

10:15 – AgriPV Technology & Business Trends (Constantin Klyk, ZIMMERMANN PV-Steel Group)

  • What is AgriPV?
  • Agri PV potentials
  • Agri-PV technologies
  • Plants and Yield prediction (system yields compared)
  • Legal and social aspects (EU main markets compared)
  • Economics, costs and revenue splits
  • Key takeaways

11:15 – Break

11:30 – Floating PV Perspectives In EU & Other Markets (Stanislas Merlet, Multiconsult)

  • Introduction to Floating PV and Potential
  • Status of the market. Segmentation and suppliers
  • Technologies, logistics, construction
  • Economic Considerations, CAPEX & LCOE
  • Opportunity: Hydropower Reservoirs
  • Key takeaways

12:30 – Break

13:30 – Urban PV: Considerations For PV Professionals (Dieter Moor, Arconsol)

  • Customized PV design options and technologies
  • Possible PV functionality in buildings
  • Energy output
  • Norms and certification
  • Project pricing estimation
  • Key takeaways

14:30 – Break

14:45 – Navigating the Sustainability Landscape in Europe (Migle Makuskaite, Planet Positive)

  • Sustainability Landscape
  • EU Regulations and Business Sustainability
  • Sustainable Business Practices
  • PV for Business Sustainability: Case Study
  • Key takeaways

15:45 – Wrap up


Contributing Sponsor

SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technology. By leveraging world-class engineering capabilities and with a relentless focus on innovation, SolarEdge creates smart energy solutions that power our lives and drive future progress. Continuing to advance smart energy, SolarEdge addresses a broad range of energy market segments through its PV, storage, EV charging, batteries, electric vehicle powertrains, and grid services solutions. 

Why should you join this course?

  • Enhance your professional growth
  • Build confidence in PV business decision-making
  • Fill gaps in your PV market knowledge
  • Confidently communicate with industry professionals
  • Gain support from top professionals in the market
  • Expand your professional network
  • Open doors to new professional and sales opportunities
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  • Up-to-date course material reflecting the latest industry trends
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  • Cost-efficient investment in your professional development and future success.


CPD Certification

This course is certified by CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

To receive a CPD certificate, participants must attend over 80% of the course sessions.

Course Dates and Registration

2024-03-21 (Thu; 10:00-17:00 EET) and
2024-03-22 (Fri; 10:00-17:00 EET)

2024-04-25 (Thu; 10:00-17:00 EET) and
2024-04-26 (Fri; 10:00-17:00 EET)

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