Level Up Your B2B Sales Skills In PV Industry

Are you eager to achieve better sales results in solar energy field? We've designed probably the first sales course specialized for Photovoltaic professionals and those just starting in the industry. Achieve more with up-to-date tactics and tips.




JUNE 6TH, 2024 (13:00 - 18:00 CET, TEAMS)

Paulius Leonavičius

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Taught By Proven Professionals

In a dynamic solar energy field, you should learn from the best practitioners. Our lecturers are proven experts in their field worthy of your attention.

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Milly Johns
Marketing Lead at Hoopi.com
“I was stuck managing campaigns, this course helped me get the promotion I wanted to marketing director!”
Kelly Johnson
Junior Lorem Isum
“Three day course, over 14% ROI gain in the month after. This course has paid for itself a hundred times over”
Bred Millson
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“Marketing strategy calls for a broad understanding of multiple channels, this course covered everything I needed”

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Though we will analyze the B2B specifics particularly in Photovoltaic industry, we will quickly remember the basic process stages to be on the same page. Also you will have opportunity to ask questions during the discussion time and join our Solar Explain Circle group for further peer-to-peer communication and networking. 

The first part of The B2B Sales Leads Generation provides an exploration of strategies to identify and engage potential business clients. It covers the development of marketing offers, content creation, and the use of various advertising channels. Additionally, it focuses on optimizing and tracking the effectiveness of these strategies to ensure successful lead generation.

In the second part called B2B Sales Process we will dive into understanding market trends and selecting promising PV business opportunities within the context of 2024. We will remember the principles of B2B sales, including the stages of sales from initial contact to building trust, emphasizing the importance of customer interaction and handling objections. Additionally, this part of the course will focus on effective sales strategies specific to the PV industry, customer behavior adaptations, and maintaining long-term customer relationships through effective communication and customer service practices.

Sales representatives, business development managers, marketing specialists, consultants, entrepreneurs and everyone willing to understand B2B client specifics in Photovoltaic industry.  

Whether you are in an entry position or an experienced sales manager, this course may significantly enhance your sales effectiveness in the PV industry by teaching you to navigate market trends and manage the entire sales cycle effectively. This knowledge will empower you to improve client retention and drive sustained business growth.

For experienced marketing specialist, this course can still be highly beneficial. It offers in-depth insights into the latest market trends and customer behaviors specific to the PV industry, complementing your marketing skills with advanced sales strategies and client relationship management techniques. These new tools and knowledge can help you refine your approach and enhance your overall effectiveness in the field.

Yes, you will receive CPD (Continuous Professional Development) internationally recognized certificate which ensures you received the objective, relevant and up to date knowledge. You will also receive course participation certificate by Solar Explain.  

Level Up Your B2B Sales Skills In PV Industry