Video record: Trends of PV Inverters & Safety of Installations 2024


This course provides an in-depth exploration into the critical role of PV inverters, emphasizing the importance of safety in PV system installations.



This course provides an in-depth exploration into the critical role of photovoltaic (PV) inverters within the solar energy sector, emphasizing the importance of safety in PV system installations. Led by Gediminas Juknius, an expert in technical sales and engineering within the PV industry, participants will gain valuable insights into the current trends, technological advancements, and safety protocols essential for optimizing PV installations. As the PV market continues to evolve rapidly, this course aims to equip learners with the knowledge to navigate the changing landscape effectively.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the exponential scale and pace of progress in PV installations and the challenges it presents.
  • To explore the traditional technological pathways in PV systems, specifically the role of solar inverters.
  • To assess the current state and future directions of inverter technology, focusing on innovations aimed at enhancing system performance and efficiency.
  • To critically examine the safety challenges within the PV industry, including risk management strategies and the implementation of safety standards to protect installations.
  • To navigate the rapidly changing market needs and regulatory environments impacting the PV sector, with a focus on technological adaptation and safety improvements.

About the Lecturer:

Gediminas Juknius brings an experience and expertise to this course as the current Technical Sales Manager for the Baltic Region at SolarEdge Technologies. With a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (specializing in automation) from VILNIUS TECH and a Master’s degree in Engineering Economics and Management from VILNIUS TECH & University of Maribor, Gediminas has a solid foundation in both the technical and economic aspects of engineering. His professional journey includes roles as a Commissioning Engineer in HVAC, and a B2B PV System Sales position. Gediminas’s extensive experience in technical sales and his hands-on experience in the field provide him with unique insights into the PV industry’s current challenges and opportunities.

By enrolling in this course, participants will equip themselves with the knowledge and insights needed to contribute effectively to the advancement of PV inverter technologies and the enhancement of safety standards within the rapidly evolving solar energy industry.


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