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If you’re just starting out or already established yourself as a salesperson in the solar industry, think of yourself as a person who plays a very important role in the company and is the main revenue generator of the business.

Here are the key traits every outstanding PV salesperson should cultivate to achieve excellent business outcomes and earn client trust.

Get Your Hands Dirty with Tech

Imagine being a chef who’s never tasted their own cooking. Doesn’t make sense, right? Similarly, a sales manager in the PV industry needs to know the product like the back of their hand. Start with the basics and then dig deeper. Learn the differences between types of equipment and systems like you’re learning the differences between ingredients in a recipe. This will not only help you explain the products to customers but also let you tailor solutions that best fit their needs.

Stay on the Pulse of the Market

The solar market is a bit like weather in a temperate zone—constantly changing. Government incentives, global supply chains, and tech innovations can all shift the landscape overnight. Keep yourself updated with the latest news and trends. Think of it like checking the weather before planning a day out. This knowledge lets you anticipate changes, adapt your strategies, and keep your team and customers well-informed.

Constantly check the latest news in the trustable sources like PV Magazine and PV Europe.

Excel in Communication

Good communication in sales is like passing the ball in basketball—do it well, and you’ll score points (or in this case, make sales). It’s about more than just talking; it’s about making sure your message hits home with your team and clients. Practice being clear, concise, and attentive. Whether you’re explaining the benefits of solar energy or listening to a customer’s concerns, the way you communicate can make or break a deal.

Think Strategically—Play Chess, Not Checkers

A sales strategy in the solar industry should be like playing chess. You need to think several moves ahead, not just react to the current situation. This involves setting long-term goals, understanding the competitive landscape, and figuring out how best to position your team and products.

You should be able to confidently discuss what PV equipment will lead the market in the upcoming years and why. Also, you should be able to effortlessly identify what sales opportunities and popped-up PV projects are suitable for your company.

You can gain this knowledge in the upcoming certified 2-day remote event Advanced Insights on Tech Trends in PV 2024, where 8 PV market experts from around Europe will provide market clarity in terms of PV and BESS equipment and emerging niche markets.

Put Customers First—Be Their Trusted Advisor

Just as a doctor wouldn’t prescribe medicine without a diagnosis, a good sales manager wouldn’t push a product without understanding a customer’s needs. Adopt a customer-first approach. Be their trusted advisor, not just a salesperson. Focus on building relationships based on trust and respect, much like a doctor-patient or client-lawyer relationship.

The sales cycle in the PV industry can be long, so not only patience but also planning of the sales funnel is an important part of your activities. Be sure to serve your target client needs in each step of your sales funnel.

Play Fair—Ethics Matter

In the solar industry, your reputation can be your biggest asset or your worst enemy. Always engage in fair and honest practices. This means being transparent about product or service capabilities, pricing, and benefits. Think of it as building a house: a solid, honest foundation will ensure that it stands strong for years.

Never Stop Learning

Last but not least, think of professional growth like leveling up in a video game. The more skills and knowledge you acquire, the better equipped you’ll be to tackle tougher challenges and take on bigger roles. Keep learning—whether it’s through courses, workshops, or by staying updated with industry publications.

Building these traits won’t happen overnight, but if you start laying the groundwork now, you’ll be well-prepared to lead your team to success in the solar industry.

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Julija Kaladžinskaitė

10 years of experience in solar industry, including PV module sales throughout Europe, project management, and development of building integrated PV solutions.

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