BESS Technologies & Segmentation 2024

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About Course

This course is designed to offer participants an in-depth understanding of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), focusing on their technical specifications, market applications, and integration with PV. Guided by John O’Toole, a distinguished figure in the energy industry with extensive experience in operations and asset management, the course delves into the practical and strategic aspects of BESS deployment, optimization, and safety. As the energy sector continues to evolve with an increasing focus on sustainability and efficiency, this course aims to equip learners with the critical insights and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of BESS technologies and their applications.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide a comprehensive introduction to BESS, including an overview of typical specifications and the various market applications.
  • To explore the considerations for co-locating BESS with renewable energy sources, especially PV, highlighting the synergies and benefits of integrated energy systems.
  • To present real-world examples from the UK, showcasing operations, optimization strategies, and the historical context of BESS deployment in the market.
  • To examine the safety risks associated with BESS, such as thermal runaway and the production of explosive gases, and discuss strategies to mitigate these risks.
  • To address the importance of improving safety and securing insurance for BESS projects, offering guidance on best practices and compliance with regulatory standards.

About the Lecturer:

John O’Toole brings over two decades of experience in the energy sector, with a strong focus on operations and asset management. As a Chartered Engineer (mechanical) with an MSc in Management of Operations, a Diploma in Procurement and Supply Contracting, and an MBA, John possesses a profound understanding of the energy industry’s technical and managerial aspects. His career highlights include managing a 15 MWe CHP plant at Guinness Brewery in Dublin, overseeing operations and safety at a 400 MW CCGT power station, and managing control for 1 GW of UK wind assets. As the Technical Director for the UK’s largest battery fleet and currently working on significant UK battery projects, John’s expertise in BESS technologies is unparalleled.

Participants will benefit from John O’Toole’s vast experience and deep knowledge as they learn about the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities in BESS technologies and segmentation. Enrolling in this course will prepare attendees to effectively contribute to advancing energy storage solutions and enhancing the sustainability and efficiency of energy systems worldwide.

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What Will You Learn?

  • BESS Packaging and Components
  • BESS and Co-location with Renewables
  • BESS Applications
  • Degradation and Augmentation
  • BESS in the UK. Experience sharing
  • BESS Operations
  • Optimisation processes and steps
  • Safety and Insurance

Course Content

BESS Technologies & Segmentation 2024

  • Lesson: BESS Technologies & Segmentation 2024

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