AgriPV Technology & Business Trends 2024




The „AgriPV Technology & Business Trends 2024” course record is designed to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of agrivoltaics, an innovative cross-disciplinary field combining agriculture and photovoltaics. Through this lecture, learners will gain insight into the latest agrivoltaic technologies, economic considerations, legal frameworks, and environmental impacts. Aimed at providing a detailed overview, the course will specifically address technical inquiries while also touching on broader topics relevant to the industry.

Course Objectives:

  • To provide an overview of agrivoltaics as a specialized topic.
  • To delve into the technicalities of current agrivoltaic technologies.
  • To explore the economic definitions and viability of agrivoltaics.
  • To examine the legal context governing the use and implementation of agrivoltaic systems.
  • To discuss environmental impacts and the sustainability of integrating photovoltaics with agriculture.

About the Lecturer:

Constantin Klyk, an esteemed Project Manager at ZIMMERMANN PV-Steel Group, leads the lecture. He is a mechanical engineer and holds a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy. Constantin’s extensive experience includes research in photovoltaic yield prediction and agrivoltaic system design at ISC Konstanz. Mr. Klyk is also the lead author of an upcoming handbook on the various aspects of agrivoltaics, covering technical, ecological, commercial, and legal perspectives.

Learners will benefit from Mr. Klyk’s hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge as they navigate the evolving landscape of agrivoltaic solutions and market trends for the year 2024. Whether you’re a professional in the renewable energy sector, an agriculturist looking to diversify with photovoltaics, or an investor exploring green technology opportunities, this course promises valuable insights into the future of sustainable energy and food production.


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