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    Johannes Rindhauser

    Large-scale PV projects

    Experience & Activities

    Johannes Rindhauser is a PV industry professional with an extensive background in energy solutions. He joins our expert team as an expert in large-scale PV project management field.

    With 30 years of expertise in energy solutions, Johannes has successfully led PV projects from conception to completion.

    Throughout his career, Johannes has excelled in project development, management, and construction, demonstrating his versatility in handling greenfield and brownfield projects. He has also proven his ability to revitalize distressed ventures, ensuring their successful operation.

    Johannes has a deep understanding of energy landscapes, regulations, and market dynamics in Southeastern Europe (SEE) and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). He has played a role in executing large-scale PV plants, contributing to the development of the region’s energy infrastructure.

    Notably, Johannes has been implementing solar energy solutions on airports, integrating renewable energy sources into critical infrastructure and advancing sustainability efforts.

    In addition, Johannes possesses comprehensive knowledge in energy storage and has engaged in trading activities involving storage systems. His expertise in optimizing energy management through storage technologies enables him to navigate the dynamic energy market effectively.



    30 year experience in energy solutions

    20 year experience in PV project development & management

    PV construction until operation

    Green field, brown field projects

    Distressed PV projects

    SEE and CEE countries

    Large-scale PV plants

    PV power plants for airports

    Battery storage solutions (trading with storage systems)