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    Dr. Radovan Kopecek

    Advanced PV cell R&D

    Experience & Activities

    Dr. Radovan Kopecek is one of the founders of ISC Konstanz (International Solar Energy Research Center Konstanz). He is working as a full time manager and researcher since January 2007, and is currently the leader of the advanced solar cells department dealing with novel cell technologies. Dr. Radovan Kopecek is responsible for several European and national research projects. Since 2017 he is board of directors of ESMC (European Solar Manufacturing Council) and from 2018 on founding member of AtaMoS-TeC in Chile.

    Dr. Radovan Kopecek born in Brno (former Czechoslovakia), obtained his Diploma in Physics at the University of Stuttgart in 1998 in the field of Superconductive Fullerides. In addition he studied for one year at Portland State University (Oregon, USA) where he obtained a Master of Science degree in 1995. During his studies, he worked at the Max-Planck-Institut (MPI) and at the Institute of Physical Electronics (IPE) in Stuttgart as a research assistant in the field of crystalline Si for PV applications. He joined Professor Ernst Bucher´s group in 1998 for his PhD dissertation, which he completed in November 2002 on the field of Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells.



    • c-Si solar cell development
    • new c-Si cell concepts
    • deep understanding of solar cells
    • measurements of depth dependent carrier concentration in Si-wafers
    • writing of project proposals
    • project management
    • lectures on theory, processing and applications of solar cells, modules and systems
    • technology transfer of ISC Konstanz’s technology zoo: BiSoN, MoSoN, ZEBRA, TuKaN
    • motivation of students and co-workers
    • organisation and accomplishment of conferences and workshops: SiliconPV, nPV, metallization and Interconnection workshop, bifiPV, tandemPV
    • bringing new technologies into the market such as n-type concepts, bifacial PV and tandem concepts.
      setting up new institutes: AtaMoS-TeC, EthiMoS-TeC