We are trustworthy

Clients choose us because they trust us personally. We are recommended for our long track record in a PV industry and the extra miles we make for our clients.

We are client-focused

We value strong relationship with our clients and partners, because only by paying enough attention to client’s situation it is possible to determine their accurate needs and necessary solutions correctly.

We have top quality standards

The quality of our services is non-negotiable. We do not compromise in this area, because customer satisfaction, recommendations and positive feedback are our business generators.

We are objective

It is very important for us to remain objective and unbiased. This style of work helps us to offer the most favorable solution to our clients. For this reason, we do not represent any particular contractors or equipment manufacturers.


Our goal is to enhance the solar energy industry with expert business consulting and high-quality training. We offer accredited programs for photovoltaic professionals and real estate stakeholders, focusing on delivering practical value and industry expertise.


Our vision is to empower businesses with access to crucial know-how in the solar industry and enhance the overall expertise within the PV sector. By growing our business we can accelerate Europe’s energy independence and help control climate change.


  1. Expertise: Emphasis on high-quality business consulting and training.
  2. Innovation: Focus on the latest technologies and trends in the solar energy industry, especially in photovoltaics.
  3. Education: Commitment to providing accredited training programs for professionals in the solar market.
  4. Sustainability: A vision for advancing solar energy to aid Europe’s energy independence and address climate change.
  5. Collaboration: Encouraging networking and connections through our community and events.
  6. Accessibility: Offering online platforms and resources for easy access to solar industry knowledge.

Our Team & Experts

Julija Kaladžinskaitė

Business Development / Building Integrated PV

Paulius Leonavičius

Business Consulting / PV Project Development
Jonas Vaišnys

Jonas Vaišnys

PV & Wind Technical Expert
Rūta Stumbraitė

Rūta Stumbraitė

Operations Manager

Andžejus Gabrunas

Technical Energy Expert

Dr. Radovan Kopecek

Advanced PV cell R&D
Dieter Moor

Dieter Moor

BIPV consulting and project management

Johannes Rindhauser

Large-scale PV projects